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Visiting Professor at the Estonian University of Life Sciences

Below are the schedule and visiting professor activities at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, September of 2017 in Tartu – Estonia.

Day Date Activity Where/who
Tuesday 19.09.2017 Arrival to Tallinn at 17.00
Wednesday 20.09.2017 Tallinn
Thursday 21.09.2017 Tallinn
Friday 22.09.2017 Transfer to Tartu, hostel „Carolina“


  17.00 Meeting with professor Eda Merisalu (ergonomics and work technology) Kreutzwaldi 56/1, room A308
Saturday 23.09.2017 Free time in Tartu
Sunday 24.09.2017 Free time in Tartu
Monday 25.09.2017
  15.00 – 16.00 Meeting with assoc. Prof Alexandr Ryabchikov (strength of materials and structural mechanics) and Mrs Vaike Reisner, director of studies of the institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering Kreutzwaldi 5 – 1C8

14.50 meeting with Eda at Carolina

Tuesday 26.09.2017
  10.00 – 11.00 Meeting with assoc. prof Alexander Liyvapuu (mechanics) Kreutzwaldi 56/1 , room A318
Wednesday 27.09.2017  
  9.00–13.00 Lecture of Biomechanics

Title of the lecture: Multi-scale mechanobiological model for  mineralized tissues

Subtitle: New developments and applications of a bone remodeling model



Bone tissue is a dynamic system capable of changing its own density in response to bio-mechanical stimuli. The biological system studied herein consists of three cellular types, responsive osteoblasts, active osteoblasts and osteoclasts, and four types of signaling molecules, PTH, TGF-β, RANKL and OPG. This lecture explores the biological response to a specific mechanical stimulus in a cellular model for bone remodeling. Two-dimensional examples are proposed with spatial discretization performed through the finite element method. The temporal evolution of the biological variables and bone density is obtained using the Runge-Kutta method. A computational code named Remold 2D is created in MATLAB. The strain energy density at the microscale served as mechanical stimulus to trigger cellular activity demonstrating the temporal evolution of density distribution in three different models. This distribution is in agreement with other models in the literature. The main contribution of this lecture is to show the coupling of mechanical and biological models in a multiscale framework. Another important fact is that the results can represent the local behavior of the proposed biological variables. The study is a first step in the development of more advanced models to represent the imbalance of bone homeostasis.


Kreutzwaldi 56/1 – A219

(students of ergonomics)

Thursday 28.09.2017
Friday 29.09.2017  
  18 – 21 Researchers night festival programme at different institutes of EMÜ
Saturday 30.09.2017 Free time in Tartu
Sunday 01.10.2017 Free time in Tartu
Monday 02.10.2017
  9.30–17.00 Training on RAMP© (Risk Assessment and Management tool for manual handling – Proactively) Kreutzwaldi 56/1- A204
Tuesday 03.10.2017


3 h lectures on Numerical solutions for partial differential equations – open lecture for engineering students (2nd year of Bachelor studies, n=30) Kreutzwaldi 56/1 – A204


Wednesday 04.10.2017
  10-12 Meeting with director and staff of the Institute of Technology (introduction of laboratories and 1 h discussion) Kreutzwaldi 56/1 – A228
Thursday 05.10.2017
Friday 06.10.2017  
  10-14 Lecture of Numerical Methods in Environmental Engineering

Title: Diffusion and Convection in the Environment

Subtitle: Solving Partial Differential Equations with Numerical Methods



Transport and fate of substances in the environment is one important topic for measuring the quality of water, air and soil. This lecture shows the basics of the physics of diffusion and advection equations. A formal deduction of this equations is proposed. After it we will do an introduction to numerical solution of PDEs using the programming language Python. We will show how to solve numerically: 1D linear convection, non-linear convection, Diffusion and Burgers equations. Finite-differences schemes are used to discretizing our model equations.


Kreutzwaldi 56/1 – A219

(students of ergonomics)


Saturday 07.10.2017 Free time in Tartu
Sunday 08.10.2017 Free time in Tartu
Monday 09.10.2017


  8-11.30 4 h lectures on Numerical solutions for partial differential equations for product development students 1st course n=10

Tööstustehnika magistrandid

Kreutzwaldi 56/1 – A312


  13.00 Bus to Tallinn
  Flight Tallinn – Frankfurt at 18.05.



General information of the lectures on Numerical solutions for partial differential equations:

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